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The entire waterproofing of the general terrace of the building was dismantled and new slopes were formed and the entire surface was waterproofed in accordance with UNE 104-402/96.

On the exterior façades, all the existing cornices and wooden elements were restored through various cleaning and stripping operations, volumetric restoration and surface protection with varnish. The stone cornices and other stone elements on the façades were also restored.

Mas Solers Estate is located in the municipality of Sant Pere de Ribes and dates back to the 13th century, when it was home to Augustinian monks. At the end of the 19th century, it was acquired and renovated by the banker Manuel Girona and, in 1918, Eduard Maristany (Marquis of Argentera) became its owner. It was then that the extension and refurbishment work was carried out that turned it into the majestic mansion we know today. During the years of the Civil War, Mas Solers Estate  was a hospital for soldiers and civilians. After this period, the estate was once again the property of the Marquis and his descendants until 1977, when it was acquired to become the Gran Casino de Barcelona for 22 years. Since 1999, Mas Solers Estate has been used as an exclusive space for holding events of all kinds.

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Main façade refurbished.

Eaves after the intervention.

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Restoration of cornices and stone façade elements by cleaning with a low pressure water jet and manual brushing, repair with SIKA non-shrink mortar, passivation of the reinforcements, reconstruction of existing mouldings and forms, sealing of the joints with SIKA FLEX and application of KEIM glaze finish.