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Manuel Girona

We demolished all the slab heads and removed all the metal parapets that had caused the different detachments on all the terrace fronts. We refurbished all of these heads with different solutions and then proceeded to reassemble all of the terrace ironwork once they had also been restored.

Water seepage through the joints between the metal parapets and the heads of the floor slabs had caused the stone cladding at the end of the floor slabs in this 1980s building to detach, with the consequent risk to the safety of users and passers-by. The metal parapets and slab covering stones were dismantled. Once the demolition and dismantling work was completed, the slab reinforcements were passivated, restored with SIKA mortar and the already restored and enamelled joinery was reassembled to finish with the installation by anchoring the new slab enclosure made of lacquered and insulated aluminium.

Forma geométrica Forma geométrica


General view of the building.

Detail of new railings.

Imagen destacada

The perfectly refurbished slab fronts are perfectly aligned with the vertical lines of the building, the restoration of the ironwork and the plating of the slab fronts give this building, apart from the solution to such a serious construction pathology, the appearance and aesthetics of a newly delivered new building.