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We renovated the old asphalt pavement of the communal garage of the building with a polished concrete one, including the repainting of walls and ceilings and the replacement of all the manholes of the sewage network.

The works consisted of the removal of the old and degraded micro-agglomerate pavement asphalt of the garage, with the help of machinery adapted to the dimensions of the garage, especially because of the low ground/ceiling clearance. After removal of the existing wearing course, the new reinforced concrete wearing course was poured, spread and polished with fibres.

In addition, damp wall and ceiling coverings were repaired and mortar was applied to the walls and ceilings. The entire paintwork of the building was completely renewed. Finally, the layout of the sewerage network, which used to run underground, was rationalised and all the manhole covers of the sewage system were replaced with new cast iron ones.

Forma geométrica Forma geométrica


Finished polished concrete paving.

Painting of parking space lines.

General view of the garage.

General view of the garage.

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Correct curing of the concrete and careful trowelling of the materialat the optimum time, allows us to achieve high quality finishes in our garages.

In order for the surface of the concrete to be smooth and polished, it is necessary that the curing of the concrete is carried out under very controlled conditions and that the trowelling work is carried out in a careful and agile way, so that the pavement allows us to obtain the best possible final result. Thanks to the experience and high technical qualification of our work teams, we are able to offer excellent results to our clients.