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Vedisa Vedisa


Chamberí, Madrid

EL Españoleto

We participated in the comprehensive refurbishment project of a residential building built in 1930, in the Chamberí neighbourhood, resulting in a total renovation of the building both aesthetically and functionally.

The intervention on the façade of the building, maintaining or renovating the decorative elements of the building and the plastering of the building, replacing the old downpipes with new zinc ones, the roof overhang, the new wooden window frames, the new entrance door to the building, the reconstruction of the roof, and the renewal of the complete ceramic balcony platforms with patterned hydraulic tiles, the repair of the locks including the stripping of old paintwork by application of dry-abraded and then finished with blued paint, the subtle incorporation of LED strips for night-time illumination of the façade.

Inside, the building’s wooden staircase has been completely refurbished and protected. The work required the replacement of several trenches, the replacement of all the stair treads and partitions and the renovation of the floorboards on all floors and mezzanines of the building. Likewise, the metal railing, together with its handrail, have been adapted to the new staircase layout.

Forma geométrica Forma geométrica


Reproduction of wooden carpentry on the façade.

Impost lines and illuminated eaves.

Illuminated façade.

El Españoleto Street.

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Balconies in Madrid, especially those made with metal locks and ceramic platforms, are one of the most characteristic elements of the façades.

Often forgotten, they do not receive the necessary maintenance and reach a degree of deterioration that makes it necessary to carry out an in-depth intervention to recover them. In this case, all the platforms were demolished and rebuilt with new pieces of hydraulic tile on both sides. On the other hand, we reinforced all of the profile recesses in the façade walls, reworking all of the profiles that make up the structure of the balcony, to guarantee its stability. In addition, all the metallic elements were stripped, removing all the existing layers of paint and oxides down to sound metal and as a finish we have used bluing paint in grey.